He Proclaimed the Good News

“A Prayer from the Depths” (part 2, Adoration & Thanksgiving). Sermon audio from the Morning Worship service of Little Sandy Ridge Presbyterian Church of Fort Deposit, AL, November 25, 2018.

Sermon text: Jonah 2:8, 9

Sermon outline: (1.) Grace produces a proclamation of the truth, 8. (2.) Grace produces an attitude of thankfulness, 9a. (3.) Grace produces a new sense of consecration, 9bc. (4.) Grace produces a new sense of God, 9d.

Quote: “Before we visit Nineveh with Jonah, we ought to pause to see the pathon which he has come; to marvel at the lengths to which God is prepared to go for his children, and the efforts he is willing to make for them. The Father will go to any lengths to bring us into the center of his will, no matter what the price may be, either to him or to us. Few things in Christian experience are more wonderful than this, and few things more awesome.” Sinclair B. Ferguson  

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