Listening and Responding to Spirit-filled Preaching

Sermon audio from morning worship at Little Sandy Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Deposit, Alabama, December 16, 2018. Sermon:  “Responding to the Light: the Awakening.”

Sermon text: Jonah 3:6-10

Sermon outline:

(1.) Fruits in keeping with repentance, 6-8. (2.) Faith in the mercies of God, 9. (3.) Fulfillment that surprises us, 10.
The Ninevites’ faith “had grasped something about Jonah’s God even when the message appeared to be one of unmitigated gloom: he was a God who might have mercy. Trusting in his gracious character, they pled with God that he might be merciful to them. They were not his people; they were strangers to the covenant and the promises, but they hoped that the God who had sent his Jewish preacher might be a God of love as well as a God of holiness.” Sinclair B. Ferguson
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