And So God Responds to Him

Sermon audio from “God and Jonah,” (25:06) preached at the morning worship of Little Sandy Ridge Presbyterian Church of Fort Deposit, Alabama on January 20, 2019.

Sermon text: Jonah 4:3-11

Sermon outline: “God and Jonah” Jonah 4:3-11. The Dilemma of the Prophet, 4:1-5, 9. The Providence of God, vv. 6-8a, 10. The Scope of Salvation, v. 11

Comparing Jonah to Jesus in Luke 13:34-35. “Jonah grieves that a repentant city shall be spared; Jesus grieves that an unrepentant city must be judged. Jonah laments the prospect of loss for his people that could be brought about by the salvation of heathen sinners; Jesus laments that even the surrendering of his own lifeblood will not bring salvation to Jerusalem.” O. Palmer Robertson

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