The Work of the Holy Spirit (I)

Audio recording of the sermon: The Work of the Holy Spirit. Preached March 11, 2012.

Text: selections from John 14-16

Sermon Outline.

[Two notes from the preacher of the sermon. (1) You will notice in reference to the resurrection and then ascension and then Pentecost, I get a bit mixed up recalling the numbers of days between. Jesus appeared over the course of forty days until the ascension. We celebrate the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost fifty days later. (2) I make an unplanned mention in passing of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s recent appearance on the Pierce Morgan show. My point in mentioning it is in the context of considering the dark days in which we live, when things formerly publicly viewed as sin are now seen as mere lifestyle choices. And of course, following from this, the great sin becomes “calling anything a sin.” The host of the show seems to try to paint Christians as mean-spirited bigots for holding to a biblical ethic of human sexuality within the context of compassionate gospel-driven ministries seeking the transformation of the Spirit in people’s lives. I think this is an unfortunate worldview from which the host and CNN seem to operate.]

In Newbern:

Audio of sermon “The Work of the Holy Spirit” preached at the Presbyterian Church in Newbern, Alabama on April 15, 2012.

Sermon text: selected passages from John 14-16.

Sermon Outline.

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