Are You In Need?

Sermon audio from a sermon on Psalm 20 called “A Psalm for Those in Need” preached on Sunday, July 30, 2017.

It was first preached at the 9:00 AM service at Little Sandy Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Deposit, AL. Listen here.

It was then preached at the 11:00 AM MORNING WORSHIP service at NCPC in Selma, AL. Listen here.

Sermon text: Psalm 20

Sermon outline: (1) The power of prayer in the spiritual battle. (Vv. 1-5) a. Help. b. Happiness (2) The power of faith in the spiritual battle. (Vv. 6-9) a. Hope. b. Hallelujah.

Bible Study for the COMPANION PSALM: Psalm 21, taught at our evening Bible Study before our prayer time on August 2, 2017. Listen here.

Text: Psalm 21; Outline: 1. It is God who brings deliverance (1). 2. It is God who answers prayer (2). 3. It is God who receives us after the battle to celebrate (3-6a). 4. The presence of God is a present and eternal reality (6b-7). 5. God deals with his (and our) enemies (8-12). 6. God’s power is from first to last – rejoice (13).

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